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We started an influencer marketing agency not because it is the sexy thing to do right now… All three of us founders have used influencer marketing over the last 3-5 years to help the businesses we worked in and for to further grow and therefore also seen what can go wrong. Consequently, we want to change that!


First of all, we don’t manage influencers exclusively so we are finding you the best brand-fitting influencer for your business or product each and every time we collaborate – we not just assign you who is on our roster. Moreover, we truly believe in the power of storytelling content and see it as our job, to help you to amplify YOUR product / brand story and distribute that story on scale. Last but not least, our skillset and network combination of Branding, Affiliate, Influencer relations and Music allows us to distribute your content in whatever area and through whatever platform you need.


We are a new wave of social media agency that helps businesses and creators to grow and get results that actually move their business forward. For us results are everything which is why we only work with influencers that actually have influence!

What We Provide

We have 3 core areas of our business in which our quality team members are confident in delivering a clear ROI for a wide range of businesses.

01. Influencer & Brand Marketing

Helping brands share their message with the world through the best influencers and creators for their brand.

02. Digital Media Distribution

Generating streams and views for musicians, labels, studios and creators on a whole new scale.

03. Production & Events

High level video and photography production combined with amazing live events and product launches.

Meet our Experts

We have a hand picked team combining the right mix of experience, hustle and belief in what we do. If you want to meet us or the rest of the team in person, feel free to reach out to us! For getting a better understanding of our individual backgrounds, check our blog for business insider articles.

Daniel Baldock

Co-Founder & CEO

Theresa Bär

Co-Founder & CEO

Luisa Lion

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Bastian Vangierdegom

Production Director

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