What is
PREACH Promotions?

PREACH Promotions works with musicians and labels to strategically distribute Music & Streams.

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Why we can do this better than others

We have the connections, the knowledge and the drive! We don’t only know how to get the best influencers and leverage the streaming platform algorithms to get even greater exposure, we also share endless passion and motivation for the topic wihtin our team.

Album / Single launches

Generate streams and create buzz around a single or album launch globally or in selected markets.

Tour Promotion

Promoting tours through local Influencers to sell more tickets in the tour locations.

Artist featured Content

Deliver a clear message you want to spread on an artist and generate streams.

Music Video

Driving streams and views to a music video through trusted influencers in the space. You could even go one step further and use influencers in music videos.

How the Process works

We are NOT just picking influencers out of a database - we are creating a customized strategy that will deliver the most streams possible.

01. Strategy & KPIs

Together with you, we set and agree on targets so we can create an effective strategy to meet your goals.

02. Influencer Identification

We select the most relevant influencers based on relevant criteria that will deliver the most streams and ticket sales.

03. Streaming Optimization

Strategically posting influencer content to generate further streams.

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